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Related work ETST members have directly led or significantly contributed to…

“Guidelines for improving blockchain’s environmental, social, and economic impact” (World Economic Forum, 2023)
Led by Dr Cathy Mulligan, with key contributions from Kirsteen Harrison and Suzanne Morsfield

Mulligan,C., Morsfield, S., Cheikosman, E., 2024, Blockchain for sustainability: A systematic literature review for policy impact, Telecommunications Policy Volume 48, Issue 2, March 2024, 102676

“Guidance for accounting and reporting electricity use and carbon emissions from cryptocurrency”

Written by the Crypto Climate Accord, contribution from Kirsteen Harrison

“Guidance for ESG reporting on digital assets” GDF GBBC Digital Finance – ESG Working Group

Written by the Global Digital Finance, contribution from Kirsteen Harrison

Mulligan, C., et. al., 2022, Data-driven Economies: Foundations for Our Common Future, World Economic Forum, https://www.weforum.org/publications/data-driven-economies-foundations-for-our-common-fut ure/

GBBC’s Global Sustainability Standards Mapping Initiative

Call for Evidence: Environmental impact of crypto assets (OECD)

“Decarbonising Crypto – towards practical solutions” – Kirsteen Harrison & Daniel Taylor, 2022

“Decarbonising Crypto – where do we go from here?” – Kirsteen Harrison & Daniel Taylor, 2021

Mulligan, C., 2020, Tackling Digital Inequality Together,


“The quality and effectiveness of audit: independent review” (The Brydon Review, 2019) The Brydon Review
Author: Sir Donald Brydon, OBE (December 2019), contributions by: Drs. Suzanne Morsfield and Alison Thomas “A Survey of Investors”; commissioned by this Review. This research was interview-based, independent, and unpublished.

“An examination of financial data collection processes and standards” (Swift Institute, 2018)
Dr Suzanne Morsfield

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