ETST exists to transform how digital technologies are used to create sustainability outcomes – we do this through actively contributing our transdisciplinary expertise to ongoing calls for input. If you know of a call that you think ETST should be approaching. Please let us know…

ETST at a glance

ETST in depth

In a rapidly changing technical world, there is a need for clear sustainability guidance that enables companies to measure and communicate their impact and progress.

Existing guidance currently falls short of adequately addressing the sustainability reporting needs of evolving and emerging technologies. In many cases, standards, frameworks, and regulations are being released in different domains across technology, accounting, and sustainability that are directly contradictory to one another. These contraindications are costly for companies to resolve and slow down the much-needed progress toward a sustainable planet.

The ETST recognises the need for evidence-based, expert sustainability support to integrate the needs of current and emerging technologies into effective guidance.

The ETST will provide input to relevant consultations, standards bodies and regulators to ensure the specific needs of the emerging technology sector are represented. Our approach is evidence-based, impact and focused on real-world useability.

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